Sunday, December 14, 2008

My colorful rainbow

I saw this a friend of mine's blog and I am so into these things. Anything that has to do with quizes and personalities I pretty much like. I know who I am and its so interesting to see these things be so true. I like seeing what colors say I am. I would have to agree with this one whole-heartedly. I am ALWAYS up for a challenge. I used to love being in the gifted program when I was in school because we always did problem solving puzzles and things of the such and I loved them. I have to say I was pretty good at them. I love being dared to do stuff. Nothing too off the wall, but if I was dared to go sky dive, I would. I am pretty adventurous and therefore have been called a little crazy now and then. I am ok with that, for the most part. I have to agree I do get a little bored easily, but if I am with the people who I care about bordem doesn't matter. I can easily turn bordem into a good time with a little humor. So here are my results, i love them.

Your rainbow is strongly shaded red and orange.

What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate a challenge. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. Others are amazed at how you don't give up.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Monday, December 8, 2008

The gift of giving

Wow, two posts in one day!

I just wanted to say I love to give. I love the feeling you get when you know you have helped out someone in some way. I recently gave a sister I know some baby items. I didn't really know how much she needed them until she filled me in on how I came at just the right time. Isn't it great how we are blessed with the gift of giving.

Yum Yum

Me and my friend Lauren and our daughters made ginger bread cookies. Oh how I love the way the aroma they give off as they give the house a wonderful smell. These are just the ones I had left that I didn't eat. We had a blast decorating them...and eating them. We decorated her Christmas tree also. That was fun. That girl has a ton of ornaments. I just love this time of year.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bounce bounce bounce

This morning, Kyra and I had a great day of play. My sweet girl fell out of bed last night and busted her face all up, so play day today was in NEED. We went to Bounce A Rama and played our hearts out. We were the only ones there so we could do whatever we wanted. Kyra loves the slides. Its somewhat hard to get her to the top to slide down, but its worth the look on her face and the sound of her giggle as she slides down. After playing, we went to Eagle's Landing. We had a great lunch together. Now she is sleeping hard. Check out the pics!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What is Alyson thankful for?

My family..of course, they are wonderful and are always there when I need them. I'm especially thankful for my mom for being so strong to fight through all of her illnesses. Therefore I am especially thankful for my dad for being there to support my mom the way he does. We joke that earlier this year his name was nurse Don. That still cracks me up, but its so true. I am REALLY thankful for Kyra. She is a gift from God and he gave to me at just the right time in my life. She is the most wonderful blessing of all.

Next, I am thankful for the church and the gospel. I had a bit of a break and am sooooo glad to be back in and learning the truth! Its great to be able to have living prohets that give us the guidance we need to be back with Him someday.

I am very thankful to be living in the United States of America. I am greatful for opportunities this nation gives us. I am thankful for the soldiers fighting for this country. I believe that we live in the greatest nation ever and are living in the best times to live.

Now, on a not so serious note, I am thankful for the technology to express what I am most greatful for online for you to read. I am thankful for my sweet dogs and cat that are there everyday so excited when I walk in the door. I am thankful for my job to be able to work from home and watch Kyra grow up. I have not missed a beat with her and I would not trade that for the world. I am thankful for my brother and his girlfriend being there whenever I do need that break, lol.

I am really thankful for the primary children. I love sitting in Relief Society and listening to them sing their sweet songs. I will always melt when I hear certain primary songs. I am greatful for the nursery leaders. Without them, I could not ever pay attention in class.

I am thankful for my friends and my sisters in my sorority. They are always there when I need them. They are understanding and loving and ador Kyra. I am thankful for holidays and vacations. I'm thankful for the cold weather to cool my bones after a hot summer. I'm thankful for my healthy bones and immunity. I am also thankful for Kyra's health.

There is so much more that I am thankful for I simply cannot say it all. Lastly I am thankful for you reading all the way to the end. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My big laundry helper

I love that my daughter loves laundry. She likes do put clothes in the wash, take them out, put in them in the dryer, and take them out. She loves it when there is a sock that tries to hide in the back of the machine, because then she can get in, and I mean in, to get it out. Here's my little helper in action.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Knotty baby wear

If you love to have your kids looking stylish yet still warm, you should check these out. They are SO cute. I entered to win three pair recently and I won. It took more than an hour just to pick out one pair. Here is a peek at what they look like on, they are the ones I picked.
I can't wait to get them and show them off!!! Thanks Knotty Baby Wear!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lions and toddlers and bears, OH MY

Thursday, Kyra's play group went on a date to the Yellow River Game Ranch. That was her first time there and I'm pretty sure we'll be going back...soon. We had a great time! Kyra liked feeding the goats, pigs, deer, and more. We walked/strolled around a mile long trail and pet and fed lots of animals. Now that Kyra is in nursery, she is getting to know the kids in the ward her age. I'm so glad we made it out to this one!

I loved this little guy, well there was nothing little about him except for his wobbly legs.
I felt so sorry for the porker!

Kyra feeding goats

Feeding more goats

This deer might start eating Kyra if he doesn't get that cracker!
We can't wait to go back and do it all over again.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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Pumpkin Patch

We visited the pumpkin patch earlier last month. I took a break from unpacking to pet the bunnies and Kyra a great time. We didn't pick out a pumpkin though. As much as i wanted to, I'm not that big into carving them. I think next year we will start it and hopefully keep it up. I love roasted seeds yummy and pumpkin pie. Hmmmm, maybe I should just go get a pumpkin now. I'm getting hungry.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not so spooky nights

So I have a born to be trick or treater. My little hunny pot and I went trick or treatin with some friends of mine. We had such a blast. I dressed up too as Tinky Winky, which I'm sure you know who I'm talking about if you have children. Kyra strolled along knocking on the doors, sticking her purple bucket out or taking the candy herself, then said thank you and bye bye to everyone. It was priceless.

Kyra and I went to the Washington Farms corn maze the previous weekend. I dressed her up that weekend too since I couldn't decide on which costume to buy. So that night she was Cheer Bear. She even had a little tail and heart on her back side. She didn't like to leave the hoods up on either costume, what a bummer.

Then mommy is a woman of many costumes as well. Later Halloween I went to my brothers costume party. Kyra spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa to let me have a night out. It was so much fun. We had a pinata and by the time it was my turn the roap broke, so I then demolished it on the ground. It was hilarious. So now i have a bunch of crushed suckers and rieces cups, yummy.

I love Halloween every year, but I will definately look forward to it more and more as Kyra gets older. I love dressin her up :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Its a wonderful life

My mom got her results back today from her scan last week. NO MORE CHEMO!!!!!! At least for a while. The cancer will really never be gone, but for now, it is. I'm so happy for my mom. This was her 4th round thus far, so she really has had enough. She's so strong! and I'm so proud to have her as my mom!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are moved into our new place. Its wonderful. Bishop Frost got together some missionaries and a few other handy men from the ward and we started at 930 and I had the truck back by 2pm. That is record breaking in my book.

So I am still unpacking, which is always a nightmare. I have unpacked almost everything in my kitchen and bathroom. Kyra's bedroom and my room need some more work. Kyra has been sleeping in her big girl bed with only two accidents, lol. Poor thing fell out of bed twice, luckily not hard. She has been my human alarm clock almost every morning and one morning I woke up and she had crawled in bed with me. I was hoping to break her of that, but I remember the days of wanting in my parents bed too.

Everything is falling into place. Leo, my cat, loves it outside. He has been trapped inside for about two years, so the fresh air was a big relief for him. The dogs are adapting great to having more space. They are still not allowed in the back yard until I get the poison ivy out and the break in the fence fixed. Teva used to be my Houdini dog, not sure if she would be the same, so I'm not taking any chances.

Monday, September 22, 2008

We are moving

We are moving soon. Kyra and I are finally getting our own place. We will be moving into a basement apt off Gloster. I am so excited. She will have her own bedroom and the dogs will have a fenced back yard again. I will truly miss my roommate, but not as much as I have missed being in my own space. Me and Kyra have been sharing a room with the zoo crew for too long now. Our new place is two main rooms with a kitchen and a bath. She will have one room and I will have the other. My landlord seems pretty nice. So wish me good luck!


We are here, blogging away. I'll update later.