Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are moved into our new place. Its wonderful. Bishop Frost got together some missionaries and a few other handy men from the ward and we started at 930 and I had the truck back by 2pm. That is record breaking in my book.

So I am still unpacking, which is always a nightmare. I have unpacked almost everything in my kitchen and bathroom. Kyra's bedroom and my room need some more work. Kyra has been sleeping in her big girl bed with only two accidents, lol. Poor thing fell out of bed twice, luckily not hard. She has been my human alarm clock almost every morning and one morning I woke up and she had crawled in bed with me. I was hoping to break her of that, but I remember the days of wanting in my parents bed too.

Everything is falling into place. Leo, my cat, loves it outside. He has been trapped inside for about two years, so the fresh air was a big relief for him. The dogs are adapting great to having more space. They are still not allowed in the back yard until I get the poison ivy out and the break in the fence fixed. Teva used to be my Houdini dog, not sure if she would be the same, so I'm not taking any chances.

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Jensen Fam said...

Hey! Your little girl is beautiful! So good to find you online! I'd love to share our blog - email me at and I'll invite you. :)