Monday, March 8, 2010

She's almost THREE

I am hoping that someone will read this and comment, PLEASE PLEASE.

I need some ideas. I am running out of ideas of what to get Kyra for her birthday. She is going to be 3 in a couple of weeks and I have nothing.

Any ideas would be SO helpful.

Thanks ahead of time!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


This video makes me all warm inside.

Snowflakes for my favorite day

First, Happy Birthday Chyna!!! 9 years old :)
I finally see the resemblance in me and Kyra based on the two above pics. Only took 3 years for me to see it. Ha!

We had such a good time playing out in the snow. Then, we came in for some hot chocloate. Kyra is now in LOVE with it and I'm ok with that.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My little model in the making

So here she is, my little model. I forgot the pics upload backwards and don't mind the bathroom in the back. I have not yet cropped any of these.

Bold I just love the look in the pic above, soooooooo Kyra

I just love this little girl.
Thank you for being my daughter!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pizza Bubbles

WHOOO HOOO, I did it!
I found a meal Kyra will eat without wanting to get up before she is done.
A meal that she will clear her plate and ask for more.
A meal that will keep her full so she doesn't ask for any left over Halloween candy (yes we still have some, you want some?)
They are pizza bubbles!!!!! You can call them pizza rolls, mini calzones, whatever you like. :)
They were extremely easy to make. Preheat oven at 350. Just brown some meat, like you always do, with Lowry's seasoning salt and worcheshire. The drain it and add a small jar of pizza or spagetti sauce. Add a cup of italian cheese and stir it up. Get you a baking pan and some Grands crescent rolls (or biscuits) and separate them. You spoon out a little bit in the center of the crescent roll and roll it up. Then flip it over so the folded side is down and pop them in the oven for about 15 minutes. YUM YUM.

I had left over meat, so I wish I had 3 cans of crescent rolls, however we liked the meat to top the rolls that we had. Either way would be great.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pray for my mom

She got her results back from her scan this past week and to no avail the cancer has grown and has spread to her spine. She starts radiation Wednesday and has it everyday for several weeks. She will also be doing more chemo starting Thursday once a week for a while.

Please keep her in your prayers. She needs to be stong and positive to beat this once and for all.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching up

For any of you poor souls that read this never updated blog :) here is an update...

The day after Christmas, someone decided I needed to be more self-reliant. Which is funny since that is the visiting teaching lesson this month. My car caught fire...not a bad fire, but enough for me to panic and cry a lot. Thank goodness for my parents (I know, not very self reliant lol) I was able to borrow my mom's van to get around. My car is now ok and didn't cost much.

The day after my car incident, my hard drive crashed...HOLY MOLY...can this all happen at once! Well, luckily my dad (again i know not very self reliant) had an extra computer he let em borrow while mine was being fixed. I took it to this guys store in the Spanish branch of the Lilburn Stake and he saved my bank account. He fixed my computer for cheap.

Anyways, about this whole self reliance...I have really been thinking what i would do without my parents. I appreciate them more than you might ever know. I rely on them to help watch Kyra while i work at their house. Since we are already there almost every night, we eat dinner there. Most of the time lately my brother cooks. During the whole time of my two catastrophe's, we got a little bit of snow and ice. Enough that I didn't leave my house for a few days. Not to go to work, not to take Kyra to school, not to go to my parents!!!!!! Here i was, home alone with Kyra for days which seemed like months. We both eventually developed housotosis. I mean it. We were both at wits end. I was so thankful for her to be going to school that next day and me going into the office.

So, through all of this, I have realized that I have developed some patience skills that I did not have before. I have learned how to be more tolerant. These two things I have been praying for a while now. I am also learning how to me more self reliant, which i love. It feels really good to make dinner for the two of us and sit down at our table and eat. It feels really good to go to the grocery store and buy foods other than breakfast items. I swear the people at publix probably thought that was all I fed Kyra lol.

I know this may be miniscule to someone else, maybe you, for me, it has been giant steps. I used to be VERY self reliant, but just hear lately not so much. So, I am glad to be getting back to myself and back to my mommy role. and boy do I love my parents and my family :)