Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oops i did it again

ROFL, this time is the last time until i meet a nice gentleman to hire me help.

I have moved for the 9th time in 5 years. One might as how is that possible since I was at Tammy's for 2 full years. Well, it wasn't easy. And I am still not completely moved out and in yet. BUT, the house is in Doraville. Its a cute 3 BD 1 BATH with a little basement. I love it. Kyra now has her own little purple girly room. And we have a fun neighborhood with several parks in walking distance.

I am now in the Glenridge ward. I have made it there once so far and that was after a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction. I drove all the way there the day after the move, got there early. Went to put my shoes on and was missing a strap. I could not very well show up my first day in my Sunday best with slippers lol. So i drove home could not find the strap, changed clothes, and went back just in time for the last few minutes and the closing prayer. Then, i dropped Kyra off at nursery, which she did VERY well in, and I went to the Sunday school class. I picked up a bulletin and realized there was a singles sunday school class.....WHHOOOOOOOo HOOOOOOOO, so i get up to go to that class and stubbed my ringy toe!!!!!! For real, i should have just stayed, but I got all excited. It was right in the middle of the class, so oh well, everyone got a glimpse of the chick who dipped out in the middle of Sunday School. Then, I missed one week since it was Stake conference, i had company in town. Then, this past Sunday, i tried really really hard to make it there on time, in which I did. But just to get there and I was the ONLY one there. That was Stake Conference Day, so thats what I get for trying to skip it the Sunday before ROFL.

So thats my story, more to come of the new place. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The time that has passed

Well well well, has it been a long time or what.

Where do i even begin?

I am gonna be kinda brief here, even though I want to bust out and tell you all about what i have been up to lately. But, i need to save something for another post or two...if i can remember to get back on here and post it.

I have not been here to keep you (if there is anyone that still reads this) posted because...i got a PROMOTION. And man, has it been keeping me busy. I LOVE it. Its just what i have been working for the past two years for. i am now supervisor of scheduling. I go into the office several times a week to work and to train new hires if we need. its been great. I am learning new things everyday.

I now own some projects and in time will manage those hopefully like the other supervisor. i have a lot to catch up if i wanna know everything she knows.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kyra TWO

Happy Birthday baby girl!

I just realized i never paid Kyra any respect on here. Her birthday was last month and i never posted for her. I am sorry. We had a blast at her impromtu party. I invited a few of my close friends and one of her buddies. We opened gifts and can I say THANK you to those who read this that purchased her a gift. It was very thoughtful and appreciated. Then we had hot dogs, which seems to be a ritual at birthday parties here. Then we had cake. Kyra blew out her candles and decided with her piece of cake to remember what it was like to turn 1, because she dunked her face in her piece of cake like a pro. it was awesome. Here's some pics. And just so you know, the balloon is a pic of a kid showing how ole they are...not the peace sign...lol :)

Though its been so long since she turned two. Kyra gets a kick of saying she is still 1. So if you ask her how old she is...she will say 1...just to get a reaction from you...then shortly afterwards she will tell you how old she really is. She's just the real comedian in the family :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We can dance if we want to

So for Valentine's, since I don't have a sweetie, it was all about me. Kyra and I slept in and then had a great breakfast. Then my mom and I had appointments at the spa. Ahhhhhhhh, that is so wonderful. I wish I could do that more often. Then I went down to Lenox and had my make-up professionally done. I think I could have done just as good of a job if not better, but whatever, it was fun. Then I RUSHED to the ball. It was so much fun. After dinner we all got out on the dance floor and danced our hearts out. So here's a couple of my favorite shots.

Why I was the only one dancing in this one above i have no idea, must have been a song I really had to whoot to.
I think this one was took right before I fell on the floor. Why oh why do we make silly faces when we dance, I will never know. I guess its kinda like putting on make-up when you get to your eye liner, you mouth drops open.

I think this last one was "Thriller" and oh how it was. Beta you rocked that song!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My New Do

Ok, I have wanted to cut my hair for a long time. I cut it last year around Chirstmas and it was ok. i chickened out on the cut I really wanted. But I finally did it. It looks so cute. So here's to Marie, who did a fabulous job and kept me confident enough to go through with it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Been a while

Well, I guess its been quite a little while since my last post. I have been soooooo busy. Mostly with work. This month has been especially long. I have been in charge of several of our clients at work and they have REALLY kept me busy. I have had to work on a few Sundays when I was not scheduled and had to work this past weekend when I was scheduled to have it off.

You may or may not know that I work for the mystery shopping company Market Force. We do all kinds of mystery shopping and auditing of stores all over the US. It is a lot of fun talking to these folks and making relationships with complete strangers. Some of the people I talk to we communicate several times a week. Its crazy, i feel like they should be my friends on facebook lol.

I have also been keeping really busy playing with my new Adobe Photoshop. WOW is all I can say. That thing can make some of my drab pics wonderful. This past week, I learned how to make my own backdrop that professional photographers would use. I can crop any photo and place it in the backdrop for a "professional" look. I learned how to make the "eyes pop". that is my favorite feature. It alone can make a bland pic look great. If you ever want any editing done to your pics, let me know. I would love to try to see what I can do with different types of photos.

Next thing I have to do now is get a DSLR camera instead of my point and shoot. However I LOVE do love my Canon. It takes some great pics.

So, January has been a great month for some aspects and not so great for others. I wanted to be at church the past couple of Sundays. i missed it cause of work. Poor Kyra is never gonna get used to nursery if i can't make it there every Sunday. And I think I might have to miss this coming Sunday too, UGH, can i go ahead and pull out my hair.

Well, thanks for listening (?) or reading rather. TTYL