Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oops i did it again

ROFL, this time is the last time until i meet a nice gentleman to hire me help.

I have moved for the 9th time in 5 years. One might as how is that possible since I was at Tammy's for 2 full years. Well, it wasn't easy. And I am still not completely moved out and in yet. BUT, the house is in Doraville. Its a cute 3 BD 1 BATH with a little basement. I love it. Kyra now has her own little purple girly room. And we have a fun neighborhood with several parks in walking distance.

I am now in the Glenridge ward. I have made it there once so far and that was after a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction. I drove all the way there the day after the move, got there early. Went to put my shoes on and was missing a strap. I could not very well show up my first day in my Sunday best with slippers lol. So i drove home could not find the strap, changed clothes, and went back just in time for the last few minutes and the closing prayer. Then, i dropped Kyra off at nursery, which she did VERY well in, and I went to the Sunday school class. I picked up a bulletin and realized there was a singles sunday school class.....WHHOOOOOOOo HOOOOOOOO, so i get up to go to that class and stubbed my ringy toe!!!!!! For real, i should have just stayed, but I got all excited. It was right in the middle of the class, so oh well, everyone got a glimpse of the chick who dipped out in the middle of Sunday School. Then, I missed one week since it was Stake conference, i had company in town. Then, this past Sunday, i tried really really hard to make it there on time, in which I did. But just to get there and I was the ONLY one there. That was Stake Conference Day, so thats what I get for trying to skip it the Sunday before ROFL.

So thats my story, more to come of the new place. :)

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Elaine said...

Wow!! That's a lot of moving! lol!