Thursday, June 11, 2009

The time that has passed

Well well well, has it been a long time or what.

Where do i even begin?

I am gonna be kinda brief here, even though I want to bust out and tell you all about what i have been up to lately. But, i need to save something for another post or two...if i can remember to get back on here and post it.

I have not been here to keep you (if there is anyone that still reads this) posted because...i got a PROMOTION. And man, has it been keeping me busy. I LOVE it. Its just what i have been working for the past two years for. i am now supervisor of scheduling. I go into the office several times a week to work and to train new hires if we need. its been great. I am learning new things everyday.

I now own some projects and in time will manage those hopefully like the other supervisor. i have a lot to catch up if i wanna know everything she knows.


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