Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kyra TWO

Happy Birthday baby girl!

I just realized i never paid Kyra any respect on here. Her birthday was last month and i never posted for her. I am sorry. We had a blast at her impromtu party. I invited a few of my close friends and one of her buddies. We opened gifts and can I say THANK you to those who read this that purchased her a gift. It was very thoughtful and appreciated. Then we had hot dogs, which seems to be a ritual at birthday parties here. Then we had cake. Kyra blew out her candles and decided with her piece of cake to remember what it was like to turn 1, because she dunked her face in her piece of cake like a pro. it was awesome. Here's some pics. And just so you know, the balloon is a pic of a kid showing how ole they are...not the peace :)

Though its been so long since she turned two. Kyra gets a kick of saying she is still 1. So if you ask her how old she is...she will say 1...just to get a reaction from you...then shortly afterwards she will tell you how old she really is. She's just the real comedian in the family :)

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Page Family said...

How cute! Happy Birthday Kyra! I love her little outfit.