Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Been a while

Well, I guess its been quite a little while since my last post. I have been soooooo busy. Mostly with work. This month has been especially long. I have been in charge of several of our clients at work and they have REALLY kept me busy. I have had to work on a few Sundays when I was not scheduled and had to work this past weekend when I was scheduled to have it off.

You may or may not know that I work for the mystery shopping company Market Force. We do all kinds of mystery shopping and auditing of stores all over the US. It is a lot of fun talking to these folks and making relationships with complete strangers. Some of the people I talk to we communicate several times a week. Its crazy, i feel like they should be my friends on facebook lol.

I have also been keeping really busy playing with my new Adobe Photoshop. WOW is all I can say. That thing can make some of my drab pics wonderful. This past week, I learned how to make my own backdrop that professional photographers would use. I can crop any photo and place it in the backdrop for a "professional" look. I learned how to make the "eyes pop". that is my favorite feature. It alone can make a bland pic look great. If you ever want any editing done to your pics, let me know. I would love to try to see what I can do with different types of photos.

Next thing I have to do now is get a DSLR camera instead of my point and shoot. However I LOVE do love my Canon. It takes some great pics.

So, January has been a great month for some aspects and not so great for others. I wanted to be at church the past couple of Sundays. i missed it cause of work. Poor Kyra is never gonna get used to nursery if i can't make it there every Sunday. And I think I might have to miss this coming Sunday too, UGH, can i go ahead and pull out my hair.

Well, thanks for listening (?) or reading rather. TTYL


klonghall said...

She's gonna like nursery eventually. It took Abigail S. about 3 months to decide to like it. I forgot that you worked for Market Force. I've been a mystery shopper for something like 6 years or so. (I still think of you guys as Shop n' Chek.) My mom and I got into it together, so since she passed away, I haven't done as much. Silly, the things that are so connected with her. I have several shops lined up this month. It's the best way for me to justify my "eating out" habit! :-)

And, hopefully, we can get Kyra to "turn a corner" and decide that we're OK in the nursery.

Alyson said...

Thanks for that reassurance. I am excited for her to like it. She is so smart and bright and loves her friends in there. All week long she says Mia and Abby and I know she wants to see them. Then she gets stage fright lol.

Justifying is the best way to put that. I wish I could get everyone to think like that. I have some beggers i call everyday, begging for more money.

Can i just say, the word verification is doodystu....EWE!!!